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BizForest Business Solutions, Inc.,( is a premier multilingual translations and software localization company based in Tokyo, Japan and London, the United Kingdom. The BizForest mission is to empower its international customers with affordable and powerful multilingual documentation solutions through the internet.

Since its inception in 1994, BizForest Business Solutions, Inc.(formerly known as BizForest International) has been building its unique know-hows to provide enhanced, high quality multilingual tranlsations and digital documentation services, and pledges its energy and resources to lead the industry through the deep localization expertise and accumulated linguistic as well as technical knowledge. In the rapidly growing software and digital documentation industry with the recent wave of technological innovations, the company's history establishes as a reliable, professional localization partner for many businesses and organizations, both domestically and internationally.

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|What doesBizForest mean?|
"BizForest" is a combination of "Business" + "Forest". Forest provides boundless wealth; the stillnes and soft air of an evening forest brings about peace of mind and serenity, while the crisp morning breeze refreshes and energizes us. We, BizForest Business Solutions, Inc., hope to be a "forest" that brings our customers wealth and peace.

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