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On a worldwide scale, demand for localization of software into Asian market is rising, and viewed from a regional and economical perspective, this momentum looks to be unflagging into the future. It is and will continue to be necessary to localize software products into double-byte languages such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean to reap significant profits from your sales in the "eastern" market.

With operations in Tokyo and London, we can assist you in propelling your software products to new territories by streamlining the internationaization process while providing exceptional quality. BizForest offers professional translation and software localization into and from the most important European and Asian languages, as well as functional and linguistic engineering and testing. Especially, Asian software localization projects requiring double-byte enablement to such languages as Japanese, Chinese and Korean are our core businesses and we, as an established and reliable professional, have strong ongoing relationships with many agents, clients and customers over the Internet.

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Through our range of flexible and comprehensive services, we can create a globalization solution that will meet your greater business objectives both currently and in the future. Each project is tailored to your specific marketing and business goals. Our network of resources is capable of providing complete, accurate and timely services everywhere in the world.

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